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RAPA - refrigerating equipment, Poland

The RAPA company is one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerating equipment in Poland. Its production started in 1996 year in Lublin. Since 2005 year the RAPA production factory has 14 700 square metres of capacity.


Recognition and popularity of RAPA brand is related to the fact that the produced refrigeration devices are characterized by high reliability, precision of workmanship, functionality, energy saving and impeccable aesthetics perfectly combined with simplicity of operation. All manufactured refrigerated devices are under constant control in respect of safety and compliance with applicable standards in Poland and in Europe, as evidenced by the CE certificate of conformity issued by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification and the hygienic attestation issued by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.


A wide range of refrigeration equipment enables efficient use of every shop space. Upright refrigerated cabinets with sliding door provide an excellent alternative to closed multideck refrigerated displays.


The RAPA company put a lot of effort to protect the environment. The refrigerated equipment is manufactured using latest technology. The used materials are recyclable and the refrigerant does not have a destructive influence on the ozone layer. When selling new refrigerated equipment, the used refrigerated ones are collected o be recycled.


Thanks to using latest technology and constant control, all refrigeration devices of the RAPA company are long-lasting and guarantees its failure-free exploitation.


Its success is related to the highly qualified staff, what in combination with continuous investment, ensures the company constant development. The continuous improvement and innovation of refrigerated equipment and increasing the product range allows customers for bigger flexibility in the equipment selection, as well as the ability to match the functionality and colour to the individual design of the premises.


Constant quality control of production, continuous supervision of logistics and the distribution network expanded throughout the country and Europe (over 100 Authorized Sales Offices having their showrooms and warehouses) allows the RAPA company to keep non-exceeded two-weeks deadlines for orders execution.

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